Motorcycle Sales in 2022 Are Getting Better

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Jakarta – After being hit by a pandemic storm since early 2020, now motorcycle sales in Indonesia have continued to increase. Sales fell to their lowest level in 2020 by only posting 3,660,616 units or a decrease of 43.6% compared to the previous period. This figure will then start to increase in 2021 with total sales of 5,057,516 units. At the close of sales in 2022, the resale rate increased by around 3.24% compared to 2021, or as many as 5,221,469 units.

The realization of this sale certainly deserves appreciation considering the several obstacles experienced by the automotive industry including global conditions at the end of 2022 which worsened due to the endless war between Russia and Ukraine, but sales figures are still progressing. As a comparison material, motorcycle sales in AISI data in 2018 amounted to 6,383,108 units and increased again in 2019 by posting. 6,487,460 units

"We remain optimistic that sales figures will increase in 2022, even though the world is experiencing a crisis, which even the World Bank predicts that this crisis will continue until 2023." Hari Budianto said as Secretary General of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) at the end of December 2022.

From these figures, again, the category of automatic motorbikes (as they are called in Indonesia) are still the idols in Indonesia. This is evidenced by at least 87.94% of the sales contribution coming from the scootic category, followed by the underbone type with 6.21% and the sport type which is still in demand by Indonesian consumers with 5.85%.

"It is quite interesting to observe the trend of motorcycle development in Indonesia, apart from the very large volume market, the motorcycle interest segment also seems to be focusing on scooter types. This also includes the growing Scootic Premium segment.” Hari Budianto said further.

The movement of this number actually did not change much. There are indeed significant changes, such as a slight increase of around 0.36% in the scootic segment. This automatically resulted in a slight decline in other segments, such as the sports category which experienced a decrease of 0.36% and scootic which experienced a similar decrease (0.09%).

"Conditions in the last two years or after the Covid-19 pandemic have continued to improve. This increases our optimism in facing 2023, even though the issue of recession in many parts of the country is still threatening. As for the planned sales figures, we will officially announce them later." Close Budiyanto Day. (VA).